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A wise person once said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”  The people we choose to hang out with are the people who influence us. They speak into our lives. Do your friends speak encouragement or negativity into your life? In order to live a prosperous life, we must ask ourselves this question … and honestly answer it.   
I found this out when I started thinking about buying my first rental property. A large number of my friends were not supportive of my new idea. They would tell me all manner of horror stories about someone they knew who owned a rent house. How tenants would destroy houses and not pay the rent on time. About deals gone wrong and houses that turned into money pits. Fortunately, I joined a Real Estate Investors club and started learning from people who were making a LOT of money buying real estate. I chose early on to listen to the successful people around me, not the safe (fearful) people. Did I disown my long-time family and friends? No, I just stopped listening to them when it came to financial wisdom.   

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How about you? Who do you need to stop listening to? Who do you need to start listening to? I encourage you to evaluate the voices around you. Make a decision to only listen to the positive voices of hope … and make sure they are successful. Find someone you want to be like and listen to them. Ask them to be your mentor. Most people are more than delighted to show others the ropes. Be blessed!